This Blog

This blog is written by a UK Independence Party supporter with occasional contibutions from other UKIP members and supporters.

The author is a supporter of free trade, British Sovereignty and Independence, low taxes, a very small state, aspiration, freedom of choice, proper defence of the United Kingdom and Libertarianism (whilst pragmatically recognising that libertarianism inevitably has practical limits).

The author subscribes fully to the objectives set out in the UKIP Constitution:



2.3  The Party believes that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hereinafter “The United Kingdom”) should only be governed by her own citizens and that its governance shall at all times be conducted first and foremost in the interests of the United Kingdom and its peoples and that the only laws that should apply within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom are those wholly made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. To that end it shall be the policy of the Party that the United Kingdom shall cease to be a member of the European Union and shall not thereafter make any Treaty or join any international organisation which involves in any way the surrender of any part of the United Kingdom’s sovereignty. The Party further believes that the integrity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hereinafter “The United Kingdom”) should be maintained.

2.4  In pursuit of these objectives the Party will at all times adhere to the principle of full equality before the law. The Party shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law. Further the Party shall at all times adhere to the principles of the rule of law, liberty, democracy and respect for the human rights and the essential, traditional freedoms of the people of the United Kingdom and those under the protection of the United Kingdom.

2.5  The Party is a democratic, libertarian Party and will espouse policies which:

•    promote and encourage those who aspire to improve their personal situation and those who seek to be self-reliant, whilst providing protection for those genuinely in need;
•    favour the ability of individuals to make decisions in respect of themselves;
•    seek to diminish the role of the State;
•    lower the burden of taxation on individuals and businesses;
•    ensure proper control over the United Kingdom’s borders;
•    strengthen and guarantee the essential, traditional freedoms and liberties of all people in the United Kingdom.

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