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Hannan: I’m a reformist now

 Hannan: The Judas de nos jours? The Captain regrets  having to take up arms against Dan Hannan so soon after the last time, but it is possible to discern a subtle public shift in his position that strongly hints at … Continue reading

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Upside-Down Cake

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT UPSIDEDOWN CAKE Well now, here is an interesting thing. Like the cake above, it seems that the self-aggrandizing Toadies in the European Parliament have a very upside-down view of priorities when it comes to the size of its … Continue reading

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A TORY SNAKE IN THE GRASS? The Captain writes this with some regret, for he has hitherto been an aficionado of the writings of Dan Hannan MEP, the soi-disant Eurosceptic of the Tory delegation to the European Parliament. But every … Continue reading

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And whose fault is it? Humbug, by John Major

John Major, traitor and adulterer and candidate for the worst Prime Minister of post-war Britain (all right, all right, it is a crowded field:….Eden, Wilson, Heath, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron) has opined on the subject of the ‘elite’. He has … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget?

The 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month. These are the most mournful days of our year. To stand in some corner that is, truly, ‘forever England’ just now is to bring fresh salt tears to the … Continue reading

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UPDATE 2: More Frigate Captains

The debate rages on: Fabulous prizes of the real captain of Surprise SIR – Robert Cutts rightly names Thomas Cochrane as the primary model for the fictional Jack Aubrey (Letters, August 29), a character also inspired by Commodore Rowley, the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Fighting Captains – Henry Blackwood

A letter in the Daily Telegraph opines as to who was the best of the frigate captains of Nelson’s day. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton might well be thought to be on the money in leaving it to the Great Man himself. This … Continue reading

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Hands off Hungary!

Hmmm…. Normally one finds Raedwald a modicum of good sense, but on this occasion he has this quite wrong. Make no mistake, this blog is a fierce opponent of nationalisation which is the ultimate expression of State Kleptocracy. Indeed the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Right

Oh dear…. One is a considerable admirer of the work of Dr. Richard North and his estimable EUReferendum blog, which has been an inspiration to many and the scourge of plenty of others. It is thus with some apprehension that … Continue reading

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Bob Crow: A Hypocrite speaks

The rank smell of hypocrisy lingers like bad B.O. around most Socialists. Whether it is Jonathan Miller ‘agonising’ about paying for his grandchildrens public school fees or Diane Abbott sending her little one to  public school, or Harold Wilson whipping … Continue reading

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