Upside-Down Cake



Well now, here is an interesting thing. Like the cake above, it seems that the self-aggrandizing Toadies in the European Parliament have a very upside-down view of priorities when it comes to the size of its committees, which merits a vote in the first session of the newly-elected European ‘Parliament’ at Strasbourg.

 Here is the proposal:

  • Committee on Foreign Affairs: 71 members,
  • Committee on Development: 28 members,
  • Committee on International Trade: 41 members,
  • Committee on Budgets: 41 members,
  • Committee on Budgetary Control: 30 members,
  • Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs: 61 members,
  • Committee on Employment and Social Affairs: 55 members,
  • Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety: 69 members,
  • Committee on Industry, Research and Energy: 67 members,
  • Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection: 40 members,
  • Committee on Transport and Tourism: 49 members,
  • Committee on Regional Development: 43 members,
  • Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development: 45 members,
  • Committee on Fisheries: 25 members,
  • Committee on Culture and Education: 31 members,
  • Committee on Legal Affairs: 25 members,
  • Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs: 60 members,
  • Committee on Constitutional Affairs: 25 members,
  • Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality: 35 members,
  • Committee on Petitions: 35 members,
  • Subcommittee on Human Rights: 30 members,
  • Subcommittee on Security and Defence: 30 members;

The biggest committee, despite the EU’s clout in Foreign Affairs being nugatory, is Foreign Affairs at 71.

Some might think that Budgets was rather important. But that weighs in at 45. Others might opine that Budgetary Control was a tad important…..30 members, so that Budgets and Budgetary Control together have the same number as Foreign Affairs.

Agriculture and Fisheries consume together the lion’s share of the EU budget. You might have thought they would have big committees. Er, no……AGRI  gets 45, PECH (fisheries to you and me) gets 25. That’s 70 all told, one less than Foreign Affairs.

International Trade (that is why we thought we were going into the old European Economic Community – the EEC – in the first place)…..41

Internal Market and Consumer Protection……40

The list above tells its own story. The European Parliament (of which few in the developing world will have heard) thinks that its role in Foreign Affairs must be the most important, so it merits 71 members. What a warped sense of values! But what did you expect?

It could not have anything to do with all those Foreign trips the Committee seems to make, could it?

No, perish the thought.

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