Bob Crow: A Hypocrite speaks

Where’s my bubbly, then?

The rank smell of hypocrisy lingers like bad B.O. around most Socialists. Whether it is Jonathan Miller ‘agonising’ about paying for his grandchildrens public school fees or Diane Abbott sending her little one to  public school, or Harold Wilson whipping his cigar out of his mouth and swiftly replacing it with his ‘I’m a Man of the People’ pipe as he emerged into the presence of The Little People, Champagne Socialism is always with us. This is an enduring feature of Socialists. They prescribe lots of Comprehensive School education for the masses who cannot afford the fees of an independent school, but when little Oliver is exposed to the vagaries of a Comprehensive School playground for the first time, it is not long before it is ‘Hey-Ho and Off to Prep. School we Go!’.

So it will come as no surprise to hear this classic courtesy of Guido Fawkes and LBC wherein Bob Crow seeks to justify his occupation of a luxury council flat in London.


Bob’s effort is risible. The hypocrisy, even by the standards of Champagne Socialism, is breath-taking.

Bob has but two virtues.

Firstly, he is a Eurosceptic.

Secondly, he reminds us in his pomp of the days when our TV screens were filled with dinosaurs such as he, indeed days when Trades Unions Leaders believed it was they who governed the country. Thankfully, the Blessed Margaret put an end to all that.

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